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2/25/19 Workout Preview

Ever wonder what's going on at Northville Athletix? Well here is a PRE-view of Monday

Northville Athletix Community Working out on Sunday
MetCon Class getting it done!


Many of you know that we have three different group fitness classes each day. Intervals, MetCon and CrossFit. Until now the MetCon and Intervals workouts have typically been a mystery, that is not longer the case!

Check out Monday Feb 25th below. We will get the rest of the week out ASAP!


We start out with strength and skill work Snatches and Cleans. Working on that technique and improving that strength.

CrossFit WOD is a Double Under and Deadlift ladder. Bring your rope!

50 Double Unders

27 Deadlifts

50 Double Unders

21 Deadlifts

50 Double Unders

15 Deadlifts

50 Double Unders

9 Deadlifts

50 Double Unders

For Time ( 10 Min Time Cap)


MetCon is a classic. Four 8 Min AMRAPs (2 min rest/transition).

If you choose MetCon Monday you will be cycling through the following:

WOD1 - 100m Row and 15 Air Squats

WOD2 - 200m Echo Bike and 15 KB Swings

WOD3 - 10 Ball Slams and 10 Push-ups

WOD4 - 15 Wall Balls and 15 Wall Ball Sit-ups


For those that do not know much about Intervals, Intervals is focused on simple but effective moves that anyone can do. Intervals is capped at 20 people and is a focused 45 minute workout of 30 minutes of Conditioning and 15 minutes of Core work.

We start the day off with a run, bike, body row circuit that will warm you up and get you moving.

Next, we have two 15 minute partner workouts. 1). Calorie Run and Air Ball interval and 2). Echo Bike/Burpee Interval.

We wrap up Intervals with some core work - Superman and Hollow Rocks

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