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Functional Training

High-intensity, functional full-body workouts are designed to improve build strength, burn fat, increase endurance, and improve overall performance.  Training functional movements with high intensity are so beneficial to overall health.  Our programming is designed to incorporate the perfect blend of strength training and high-intensity interval training into a single class

Training as a Team

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”. 
Health and fitness are lifelong journeys, and training with a team makes that journey not only more enjoyable but more successful. Team training helps members transform their lifestyle physically and mentally.  When our members walk through the door, they become one team, supporting and encouraging each other.  

60 Minutes

Workouts are designed to maximize your time in the gym.  In 60 minutes you get a full-body high-intensity workout and scale to any fitness level.  No longer do you need to go to the gym and try to figure out what machine to use and what treadmill setting.  Our coach-led classes are preprogrammed and optimized to deliver results every time so we do not waste your time. 


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Just do it already! Starting anything new is unnerving or can be intimidating but everyone at Northville Athletix has been new at some point; none of us walked through those garage doors good at everything. If you keep showing up and putting in the work you will not only begin to crave a good workout but you will also begin to notice the results that lured you in the first place.


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My overall strength and endurance levels have majorly increased in my time at Northville Athletix. The difficulty of the workouts never goes away but I feel like I make progress after every workout. More importantly, the community and coaches at Northville Athletix have been a major support system during pandemic times for which I am grateful for the activity and the great community.

My advice to new members is, Give yourself time to learn and enjoy the journey it will be well worth it.



Don't feel intimidated. Everyone is friendly and the coaches here are the best. They take the time to explain the movements and take the time to show you the proper way to complete the exercises. I was so scared walking in as my string bean self thinking I would get laughed right out of here but that was not the case. I have met some amazing people and get to have fun and laugh thru most of the workouts (ones that don't involve thrusters). So take a chance and step into Northville Athletix you won't regret it !



Please do yourself a favor to stop by and check out Northville Athletix I was always intimidated by the concept but now I am a big fan; No matter your fitness level, you will find your spot here; Coaches are the best and make you feel included every step of the way. Whether you are used to working out in a class setting or being a Chuck Norris type, you will learn and benefit. Best decision ever made on that Sunday in 2019.



Northville Athletix fitness community specializes in high-intensity, strength-building group workouts that are fast-moving, fun, and proven to get results.


All our coaches are well-trained professionals care who pride themselves in delivering a safe and effective experience.

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Never worry again whether you are getting the most out of your workout.  Northville Athletix's programming has been getting results for our community for a decade.  The perfect combination of safe, effective, and fun training is packed into 60 minutes! 


There is nothing better than training and hanging out with friends.  The Northville Athletix membership is inviting and supportive to all that walk through the doors.




There is no question how effective personal training can be.  The personalized training program, the client-coach relationship, accountability, and the focused one-on-one attention make personal training a proven approach to achieving one's goals.

Baseline Testing

"You can't fix what you can't measure."  Baseline body composition testing is a foundational element of our personal training program.  All PT clients receive a monthly InBody body composition test.   

Goal Setting

Challenging and achievable goals establish the basis for accountability necessary for successful personal training.  Our clients work with their coach to set goals and write them down.   


Everybody is different, and that means everyone’s abilities and requirements are different when it comes to exercise. This could be anything from trying to bounce back after an old injury, to having a phobia that may impact on where or how you workout.  Personal training can accommodate any personal situation.