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Northville Athletix is proud of its partnership-centric culture. We focus on strong alliances with successful businesses and organizations that provide services and volunteer opportunities to our members.

THE PHOENIX is building a vibrant community of people in recovery with support, hope, and resilience. As a Phoenix partner, Northville Athletix is involved in making that happen! We recently began hosting Kendra Whelan's widely popular The Phoenix CrossFit class on Sunday at 10AM.



LEX ARTIS runs competitions in the functional-fitness space. Our venue is chosen to host several of their events throughout the year; some examples are: The Barbell Classic, Monster Mash, and Swolemates. You can always be sure that a LEX ARTIS competition will be professionally run, from the minute you register until the competition photos are posted after the event.


Michigan Rehab & Performance

The folks at Michigan Rehab & Performance strive to ensure that their clients live a high-performance, pain-free lifestyle. Sessions are always 1-on-1 with an experienced Doctor of Physical Therapy, whose office is located in the Northville Athletix building!


Researchers at Wayne State University have partnered with cancer support centers and local gyms to study the impact of high-intensity training in cancer survivors. Once cleared by their doctor, those enrolled in the CAPABLE program have access to training sessions - at NO cost - that are held three days a week for 12 weeks at Northville Athletix and other locations. For more information, email:

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AMRAP 4 AUTISM is a community fitness charity event with a simple goal of awareness, support and most importantly love for those impacted with Autism. Founded in 2013 in Charlotte NC, and now growing to multiple states and countries around the world, Northville Athletix hosts this event and is excited to be a part of this community.

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