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Day 13 - The Way Back Machine

We are starting day 13 with the gym closed. Saturday is typically the best community workout day of the week. Everyone comes together like its game day and it is a ton of fun. Today we will maintain our distance but we can all get our fitness in. Can't wait to see everyone in the gym.

Corey and Taylor have another great workout for us. check it out below. Once you get done with that workout, check out this fun site You can look up just about any website you can think of and see all the different versions of that site since the begging. Amazon is a fun one, Crossfit is pretty crazy. You name it, its out there and if you are so inclined share some of the ones you find. It's hard to believe how much the internet has changed since the mid-90s. Anyway, enjoy!

Warm Up

5 Rounds :20/:10

Plank with hip taps


Broomstick press out squat

Lunge high knee jump

BodyWeight WOD

For Time

100 Drop squat Drop Lunges

100 V Upw

100 military Puships

EMOM including 0:00: 5 Burpees

Daily DB Wod

50 Cycles

1 DB Snatch

1 DB Thruster

1 DB push-up/ Row

1 Sb DL

*Alt Hands Every Rep

EMOM including 0:00: 5 Burpees

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