• Corey McEldowney

What You Do Today Will Dictate How You Live Tomorrow

"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week."

-George S. Patton

With the unfamiliar and crazy world we live in it is all too easy for people to slack off on their fitness and nutritional plans. You now can come up with a billion more excuses as to why you aren't working at keeping physically fit! I can't find motivation, my kids get in the way, it won't be a good enough workout because I don't have all the equipment I think I need, etc. but now is an even better time to lock into those habits, that you have created and instilled, even hard.

It is known that working out and a proper nutritional regimen help to aid in the fighting off of illness and sickness, so why in a pandemic would we decide it's a good time to slack off on the two things that can have positive impact on our health, that we can 100% control? Do not allow the excuse of not being in the optimal environment steer you from the goals you had made for yourself back on January 1st. EXECUTE YOUR PLAN VIOLENTLY NOW


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