Day 9 - One Word...COMMUNITY

"The greatness of community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members". Coretta Scott King

The compassion and action of this community humbling.

Warm Up

BodyWeight Joint Mobilization

10/10 Side to Side Head Turns

10/10 Up and Down Head Tilts

10/10 Shoulder circle forward and backward

10/10 arm circles

10/10 arm criss cross

10/10 arms up and back

10/10 hip circles

10/10 Front to back leg swings

10/10 side to side leg swings

10/10 ankle circles

10/10 wrist circles

BodyWeight WOD

5 x AMRAP 3 rest 1:00

6 Plyo Pushups scale to step up pushups

9 ab Rollouts

12 each Mountain Climber

Daily DB workout

5 x AMRAP 3 Rest 1:00

6 Plyo Pushups scale to step up pushups

9 ab Rollouts

12 DB split snatch

Core Finisher. EMOM x 12

1: :30 BodySaw

2: 10/10 Side Plank with Hip Tap


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