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Day 8 - "Every action is a vote for the type of person you wish to become".

In our society to much is made of the importance of will power to achieving ones goals. In fact, often will power or self-control are stated as the reasons why we believe people fail to achieve their goals. We assume that people that cannot lose weight must have a shortage of willpower or sell control, we say things like, "if i "(or they) had a bit more willpower I (or they) would be able to achieve... "whatever it is". The reality is that some do have more will or self control than others but it is not in the way that most of us think. In our last blog we talked about habits and the habit loop as it is outlined in the book Power of Habits. The power of cues, routines and rewards. There is another concept called the keystone habit and exercise happens to be a perfect example of a keystone habit. Keystone habits influence other habits and strengthen our will to not succumb to cues that illicit unwanted behavior. Another Keystone habit is food journaling. Simply writing down everything you eat and getting in the habit of doing this as a atomic or mini habit that you "stack" in front of the habit to eat. Every time you get the urge to eat you must stack the journaling habit in front of the eating. This will change your decisions making and counteract cues that trigger routines of over eating or eating poor choices.

If you are interested in habits and how to hack your life in a positive way, check out James Clear's book Atomic Habits. The most interesting concept is the power of marginal gains. Improving by 1% everyday through a dedication to continuous improvement is a recipe for success in the gym, in business, in relationships and in life.

Here is the workout of the day. If you have any questions about the programming or anything you would like to see from us let us know and we will do our best to incorporate. Stay safe, stay home if you can and support your brothers and sisters on the front lines fighting this virus.

Warm Up

4 Rounds

:20 Hollow Hold

10/10 Arms Up and Back

5/5 Lunge with thoracic rotation

BodyWeight WOD and Skill

Skill Work Pistol progression and Corey

5x10 Rolling Object double/single leg pistols

L Sit 8 Rounds :10/:20

10 Rounds For Time

10 Lateral Jump Lunges/Step Lunges

10 SDHP with Obiect

15 Object Straight Leg sit-up

Weighted Wod and Skill

Skill Work Pistol progression and core

5x10 Rolling Object double/single leg pistols

L Sit 8 Rounds :10/:20

5 Rounds For Time

10 (R) DB Snatch

10 (R) DB Thruster

10 (L) DB Snatch

10 (L) D B Thruster

10 Strict Pull-ups (scales to 10/10 Single arm dB bent over row/Down Under Pull-up)

Cool Down

1:00/1:00 Pretzel Stretch

1:00/1:00 Lying Arm Across Stretch

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