• Corey McEldowney


Warm Up 4 Rounds increase intensity each round :30 Opposing birddogs :15 rest :30 Squat therapy :15 Rest :30 Mop stick pass through :15 Rest BodyWeight WOD 5 Rounds For Max Reps 1min Drop Squats 1min Mountain climbers 1min Broomstick SDHP 1min Burpees 1Min hollow rocks 1min Rest Daily DB WOD BodyWeight WOD 5 Rounds For Max B 1min Goblet Squats 1min Hang DB Clean and Jerk 1min DB SDHP 1min Lateral Burpees over DB 1Min DB Floor Press is hollow hold pos. 1min Rest

Also, go check out train2play_systems on instagram these daily workouts are also posted on there!


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