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Day 3 - Still trying to figure everything out!

COVID keeps evolving with more cases and more restrictions. It is unbelievable to watch how the community is staying engaged and doing our best to find new creative ways to share experiences. Let's keep it up!

Wednesday's Workout

Body weight only version

Warm Up 12 For quality

:30 (r) side plank

:30 (l) side plank

:30’front walking plank

5’Sumo inchworms with push-up

10 Bootstrappers

10/10 Arm circles forward/backward


20 Rounds For Time

3x3/3 each leg 3 way lunge

20 One Arm Thruster (get creative with loading). Milk jug water bottle jug dumbbell

If not equipment

15 feet anchored sit-ups

Lower body finisher

5 rounds

10/10 step Up Jumps

15/15 side plank with hip tap

20/20 side laying straight leg raises

Rest 1:30 between rounds

Cool Down

1:00 down dog with alternating heel taps into ground

1:00 cobra stretch

:45/:45 twisted cross

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