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Day 2 - The First Day @ Home

We are planning to bring back the Method to the Madness blog. We are going to start by keeping everyone up to speed with everything going on with the shutdown and re-opening once COVID subsides.

We will get better at this as we go so please provide us feedback on what you would like to see, how we can improve to make a overall better experience for you. Thanks again for all the support through these tough times

Warm Up

4 Rounds increase intensity each round

:30 Groiners (outside the foot mountain climbers) (I don’t know why this one is 1.5 speed but enjoy :))

:15 rest

:30 Squat therapy

:15 Rest

:30 Mop stick pass through

:15 Rest

:30 Push-up position plank with shoulder tap

:15 Rest


:45 (r) curler stretch

:45 (l) curler stretch

1:00 scorpions



In N Out Squat Jumps

Burpee with double push-up

Rest 3:00


Chair/ Couch Dip

Couch toe tap (right and left leg tap equals 1)

Core Finisher

EMOM x 8

:15 Flutter Kicks :15 Russian Twist (rest the remainder of the minute)

Cool Down

:45 (r) standing quad stretch

:45 (l) standing quad stretch

:45 hands on couch lay stretch

Enjoy and make sure to comment on the private Facebook page with your time and maybe a video of you hitting the workout with your spouse or loved ones or by yourself. We would love to see you all!!

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