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Day 1 - 2020 Corona Virus Outbreak

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Unfortunately, the worst case scenario has come to pass. Governor Whitmer has declared that all fitness facilities close for the remainder of the month (at a minimum). This means that starting immediately all classes and personal training sessions are canceled until March 30. While we have done and continue to do everything we can to mitigate the spread of any virus’ it is time for us to take the advice of experts and take a pause. This is going to be a difficult time for all of us and I’m unsure what this means for the future of our gym. I will say however that the staff and I are committed to pulling through this and coming out better on the other end. I know many of you have reached out with concern for membership and to put memberships on hold through April others have reached out to support us through this tough time pledging to maintain your memberships. We totally understand and will honor those requests to put memberships on hold. I will ask this as we are a family run business that lives or dies with our community. Small businesses like ours only exist for the relatively small communities we serve and generally function close to month-to-month. We would like to ask, that if possible, and if you can afford it, that you support us through April by maintaining your membership. We know that you have a lot of things to support and the first one that comes to mind is probably not your gym and that is okay, we understand. But, if you find that in this case, at this time that this is a community that you can support, I promise you that we will be committed to continuing to support you the community for months and years to come and you will have my undying gratitude. For us, we plan to take this time to reimagine what we can be, how to serve the community better and to build an even more effective program - one that you all can be proud of.

  1. Thanks for all the support over the years, It really means a lot. We hoped to see you in the gym in a couple weeks! Jason Swafford

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