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Welcome to Northville Athletix Quick Guide to the Transition to Wodify.

We want to respect your time, so we will get down to business with the instruction you will need to move from Pike13 to Wodify.  First, let me say this is a straightforward process and will only take you a couple of minutes.  Here is the breakdown of the steps you will need to follow:

Complete Registration:


You should have an email in your inbox from Northville Athletix.  The subject is: "Welcome to Northville Athletix (Home of Hines Park CrossFit! Your Wodify login included."  If you have not logged into Wodify yet, you must find this email click the link, and set up a password. If you cannot find the email, we can resend it to you.  Click this link and send me a quick message. 

Add Payment Info


Now that you are logged into Wodify, there are all kinds of cool things you can start to investigate, but before you get too distracted, we still have some work to do.  Adding payment info is the next step.  Grab that credit card, debit card, or bank account information and have it handy.  If you are logged into the Wodify Athlete app on your phone, follow these instructions  If you are on your computer, check out the video I created and follow the steps outlined in the video.  NOTE: this is critical to the transition, so please update that info ASAP.

Update Profile Picture


Please update your profile picture:  The picture is less critical, but it is relevant. We are a community, and the more we can put faces to names, the better.  Ideally, a face shot,  We love you kids and pets and favorite superheroes, and those are important, but let's stick to pictures of us for our profiles. Here is a link to the simple steps.

That is It! Now we can get started using Wodfiy

Class Reservations in Wodify - Wodify refers to pre-registering for a class as a reservation.  When you arrive in class, the coach then signs each athlete into class.

We have Wodify set up to allow you to reserve classes up to seven days in advance; we only ask that if something comes up and you are not able to attend a class, that you cancel as early as possible to ensure those on the waiting list have an opportunity to prepare to come to class.  Below are a video and instructions on how to register for a class.

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