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Safe and Effective Sports Performance Training Designed for Student Athletes

In the past decade, the competitiveness of high school and travel sports has exploded.  Much of this is driven by how athletes at all levels train.  One look at the size, speed, and strength of college and professional athletes today compared to just ten years ago will be all you need to be convinced of this.

As a result, coaches and athletes worldwide are looking to performance training to gain an advantage, and it is clear that those that train have an advantage over those that do not.  It is also clear that performance training is cumulative and compounds over days, weeks, months, years, making it difficult for those that start later to catch those that start early and remain consistent throughout their competitive years.

The trick, however, is to train safely and age-appropriately.

This is where Northville Athletix and our Train2Play sports performance training system comes into play.

Train2Play is our comprehensive approach to athletic development for aspiring student-athletes. We believe that all training is cumulative. Much like investing in the stock market, starting early and being consistent pays dividends throughout life.

Mechanics first - everything starts with mechanics at Northville Athletix. Teaching proper technique early and often is an absolute must. I cannot tell you how often I've grimaced at the videos of young athletes doing things in the gym that are unsafe or doing something that in no way translates into improved sports performance. 

The Train2Play system is designed to advance with the athlete from as young as 3rd grade through high school.  We meet each athlete where they are, and we do not move them to the next level until they meet strict standards of movement and responsibility (i.e., they must move well and have the ability to follow directions clearly).   We do not increase weight nor intensity until they show the ability to handle it. To illustrate, frequently, you will see a group of 7 to 10 athletes training together as a team; however, you will see significant variation in the weight being used or the pace at which the athletes are moving.; while we cannot rule out all possibility of injury, we can dramatically reduce the occurrence by adhering to these standards. 

If you are the parent or coach of an aspiring athlete we would like to invite you to sign up for one of our sessions and see what our program is all about.  

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