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Train2Play - Strength & Conditioning for Athletes

Sports Performance Training Designed for Athletes


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"Are you a parent or coach of an athlete - or an athlete yourself - looking for a comprehensive program to take you or your athlete's performance to the next level?  If you are, you have come to the right place."

Corey McEldowney

  • Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Program Director Train2Play Systems

  • Coach and Owner Northville Athletix

Level 1 - Varsity

Elite performance starts with a sound understanding and respect for the fundamentals. 

Our youth training programs enable growing athletes to develop the knowledge, strength, and skills they need to improve and compete.


We have two clear goals for young athletes: reduce their injury risk and increase the level of competitive play - it's that simple.

Level 2 - College

Train2Play's unique training system optimizes all phases of sprinting and multidirectional speed, strength and stability, rotational power, recovery, and injury risk reduction.


Your experience starts with a series of evaluations — body composition, performance indicators, and functional movement screens.

Using the results of your evaluations, you’ll work with our coaches to uncover strengths and weaknesses, discuss injury concerns, and set goals to achieve your best performance.

Level 3 - Pro

When it is no longer just a game but your livelihood, you must leave nothing to chance.  Science is the backbone of our methodology — not trends, not hype. We tailor game plans based on what’s been proven in the field. And we continuously research and develop new solutions.

Train2Play Systems Training Levels ensure each athlete is in the best position for success.



In the past decade, the competitiveness of high school and travel sports has exploded.


As a result, coaches and athletes worldwide are looking to sports performance systems and expertise to level the playing field and gain an advantage. In the same timeframe, the science behind sports performance has jumped to all-new levels.


Gone are the days of just "lifting weights" and "doing cardio" to improve on-court, field, or ice performance.


To be successful, today's competitive athletes are taking advantage of:

  • Expert, personalized coaching 

  • Strength and Conditioning Facilities

  • Sports Performance training systems 

  • Personalized Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation programs

  • Personalized nutritional guidance.

We have the coaches, a first-rate facility, and cutting-edge equipment to train athletes at all levels. Contact us for more information, or sign up for our next session.

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