Metabolic Conditioning classes combine running, rowing and biking with other functional movements, in a high-energy circuit training format. This class is suitable for all abilities.  This is a great class to start with. No barbells allowed.



  • Low/Medium Impact

  • 60 Minutes of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

  • Safe strength exercises (dumbells, kettlebells, sled pushes, etc.)

  • No Barbells or advanced gymnastics moves

Here’s what you can expect:


  • 60-minute, coach-led, high-intensity interval running, rowing and functional weight-resistance training sessions.

  • A series of stations that highlight different key movements

  • All fitness levels are welcome and all workouts are easily scaled to meet your specific needs.

  • RESULTS!!! You can show up, and give us one hour (the best hour) and we will take you through a fun challenging workout that will maximize results.





  • Medium/High Impact

  • 60 Minutes of Strength and Conditioning Training

  • The most comprehensive fitness program available

  • Includes barbells, Olympic Lifting, advanced gymnastics

In our experience, we have seen the CrossFit program change lives. We have seen so many of our members complete a workout that they never thought possible. This one victory changes their outlook about other goals in their lives – suddenly goals become attainable.


CrossFit brings people together to push each other to be better for an hour a day; they leave their titles and egos at the door, step on to the floor as a team, and tackle a workout that many of them never thought possible.


After a workout you’ll often hear, “that was horrible!” followed by “but that was awesome, nice work!”. What seems scary and intense at first is what ultimately keeps people coming back for more.


Our CrossFit program is definitely a team effort...followed by huge individual victories.





  • Customized Training Program Designed to Match Your Specific Goals

  • 30 to 90 Minute Training Session with your coach


  • The most comprehensive fitness program available

  • Maximized Results

Personal Training with a coach is a powerful tool for individuals that want and can afford personalized attention.  Personalized training programs at Northville Athletix takes a couple forms.  

  1. Often Times, we have new clients that are worried that they are too out of shape to join the open classes.  Even though this really isn't the case, our programs scale for everyone, that anxiety is a reality and often times, new members start with 2 or 3 hours per week working with a coach 1-on-1.  

  2. We have clients that have very specific goals, such as running a marathon, or competing in an olympic lifting competition.    In these situations, hiring a coach to work on those specific goals is the best way to maximize your time in the gym and prepare for your event.  Often times this type of personal training augments participation in group training classes.

  3. Some folks really just want to work with a coach.  If you want to train with a coach and that is how you like to work, we do that too.  No pressure to do classes.

We recommend you take advantage of at least one 30 minute Personal Training session per week along with your Group Classes to ensure maximum results.