Sunday June 7th

Hey All! If you borrowed equipment from the gym for at home workouts during Covid 19 quarantine, we politely ask that you bring it back today! We will be at the gym from 4-6pm and outdoor classes of 15 people start tomorrow, so we need all the equipment back to run this smoothly! Also, make sure you are pre-registering to class to make sure you have a spot reserved in class and if you do pre-register for a class please do not no show or come to a different hour, due to equipment limitations and spots outside we can only take 15 per class. Thanks everyone for understanding and working with use as we transition to opening the gym back up!

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My test just came back and I am a confirmed Negative test. I will stay in quarantine for 14 days with day 1 starting today and Tay and I are isolated part in our condo