Next 8-week Mesocycle

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

This next 8-week Mesocycle, we will be focusing on a couple of things that line up with increasing our mid to long-duration workout strength and threshold.

What does that mean?

This means our barbell lifts; we will focus on cycling our lifts anywhere from 5-10 reps in a set. This will build muscle endurance, allowing you to hang on to the barbell longer and work with heavier weights longer. We will have one upper and one lower body strength component per week, utilizing an IWT (interval weight training) approach.

Interval Weight Training (IWT) is an intense type of interval work utilizing athletic lifts and free aerobic exercise. The cross-training of athletic type lifting for full range strength and free exercise for anaerobic power has a major impact on developing explosive power endurance, and can also be great for torching some unwanted body fat. This type of work utilizes a greater percentage of the body’s muscle mass, both slow and fast-twitch fibers.

The high-intensity work places added energy demands on the respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems, meaning that more fat and glycogen is burned to support the increased energy demands before, during, and after exercise. The post-exercise oxygen consumption of this type of exercise will leave your metabolism revved up and burning calories long after the session has finished.

We will again focus on maintaining a higher heart rate for our medium to long-duration workouts. We will tackle this a couple of different ways;

1) Increasing the amount of aerobic work is in the workout. For example, a couple more runs/rows/bikes are scattered into the workout to increase your heart rate.

2) By doing every week, 1 or 2 longer "grinder" type workouts. Remember, the only way to get better at something is by doing it more often with Intent.

3) Finally, the use of intervals. By increasing our anaerobic system (5:00 workouts or less), we can also increase our aerobic capacity.

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