New 8 Week Program Cycle

First, a reminder That 9:00am Communtiy Fitness and Metcon Class are switched time 8:45am starting this week.

Now as for our upcoming 8 week programming cycle

You will see a trend develop that everyday has a Lower Body push/pull emphasis with a full body workout day, or a Upper Body Horizontal push/pull or Upper Body Vertical Push/Pull emphasis day. You will also see every other week we will basically have lower body heavy strength before a workout 2 days a week with 2 upper body Hypertrophy work days while the other week we will have 2 lower body hypertrophy work days after the workout and 2 Upper body’s heavy strength days before the workout.

Because of the limitations with no squat rack we will be emphasizing single leg strength through a vartiation of splits stances, step up lunges, and glute bridge work in our strength. We will also be emphasizing getting better technique and strength in the Olympic Lifts.

For our workouts we will be designing them to continue with the lower or upper body emphasis of the day with doing the antagonist muscle group movements if the strength in our workouts with other full body movements Meaning you might see stagered stance deadlift in the strength and then in the workout a form of quad dominant movement (I.e Monday Staggered Stance Deadlift Strength with Thruster Workout piece)

You will also see sprinkled in there some blowout sets at the very end of workouts of 100 reps in the least amount of sets for a little extra credit work. These will mostly be bodybuilding type movements to ensure joint and tendon health) These are meant to be extremely light weigh.

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