De-Load Week

Hey a guys we are heading into a “Deload” week in our training. After two months getting back accustomed to technique and then adding volume and intensity we have completed our cycle to gain back some strength and need to let our body and CNS recover.

The purpose of a deload week is an opportunity “to prepare the body for the increased demand of the next phase or period,” and to mitigate the risk of overtraining. The chief purpose of the deload week is to give your muscles and joints time to rebuild, heal, and grow stronger. A properly planned and executed deload week allows your connective tissue to repair (since muscle recovers more quickly than your joints and ligaments) and restores testosterone and cortisol levels. Moreover, a deload week gives your mind the chance to take things easy for a while and get away from the intensity that consistently tough workouts can provide.

In our strength portions most of our lifts should be done at 55%-70% max for the weight recommended. This is enough weight to still elicit a physical adaptation but not enough to stress the CNS system and cause it to take longer time to recover. Again the whole purpose of this week is to still workout but not to push to our outer limits of mental and physical capacity. We have our safeguards into the strength to make sure you can’t go overly heavy in the lifts but this is also up to you as an athlete to listen to your body and not push it to a rate of perceived exertion RPE of 7 or more in both the strength and workout portions. Meaning, your on the verge or creating shortness of breath but you could still carry on a conversation if need be. Believe me if you take this week seriously and allow your de-load week to happen your body will thank you and we will go into our next strength and conditioning 8 week cycle more rested and ready to PR!

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