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Back into the swing of things

Hey everyone!!! We love the feedback and continued support of all of our members with how outdoor classes have been going!!! The vibe is incredible and Jason and I are really having fun. On top of that, we have had some awesome new members join us in the past month so hopefully everyone has been getting to meet them!

I just want to address one thing that has started to happen more often as of late....

Please, please, please if you sign up for a class and cannot attend, cancel at least a couple hours ahead or just cancel ahead of time. This especially rings true for our 6 & 7:30am classes. They are the hot ticket right now with how the weather has been and we have literally turned away current and new members to join some of those classes because they are booked up, only to have most mornings at least 1 or 2 no shows. Now I know schedules change and things pop up, I am just asking that if you can, please cancel ahead of time if you know you are not going to be able to attend class. As well, please make sure you check to see what class you booked the night before, with the 6 and 7:30am classes being the hot ticket many of us are booking a week or two out and forgetting that we actually booked that class to go to and either not showing up or showing up at a different time, again we love all of you and have been having a blast working out outside and the vibes been great but we hate turning away people to only show up to coach that day and have a couple no shows/no cancellations. We have opened classes up to 16 people with a 2 person waitlist to help curb this with no avail as of now, so I just wanted to reach out and touch base with everyone so we can all understand what's going on!

I know this has been an adjustment, signing up for classes ahead of schedule and sometimes not being able to "just show up," and we are super appreciative and grateful everyone has been able to work through this with us and throw-down daily, we just wanted to again address this situation because we hate turning people away from THE BEST FITNES FACILITY in Northville!!!

Thank you all and keep on showing up and putting in work, you all have been doing awesome!!

With much love!,

Corey and Jason

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