Experience CrossFit for the First Time!

Lock in your Spot for our 2 Week Beginners CrossFit Course

Experience CrossFit for the First Time!

CrossFit Beginners Fundamentals is exactly what is sounds like; a two week course designed for people that have never done CrossFit but would love to give it a try in a safe, controlled environment and with other beginners ONLY.


The #1 reason (excuse) people give us for not starting a CrossFit program is the intimidation factor.  Jumping right in with a class of seasoned CrossFitters is just too much for most people. WE GET IT! and that is why we have developed a Beginners ONLY Fundamentals course as a stepping stone program for those looking to get a taste of CrossFit and see if it is right for them. 

In this program you will learn the basics of olympic lifting, gymnastics and conditioning common in CrossFit classes. You will learn our lingo, proper body mechanics, how to scale or change workouts to best fit your fitness level or physical limitation all while starting to get in shape and meet our coaches and community.  Check out some of the Videos below.  These video break dow the basic moves our professional staff will teach.

CrossFit is a great experience and we aim to help introduce you to why we love it so much. Our Fundamentals classes start the first Monday of each month and fill up fast. We hope to see you in the gym soon!

What You Can Expect