Fundamentals Class


Starts October 5th

Join our fitness Fundamentals for only $99 for the first month.

  • Fundamentals Class

    Fitness Fundamentals Class
    Valid for one month
    • Fundamentals Class starting October 5th

Have You Been Thinking about Joining?

But feel nervous about jumping right into classes with all those fit people?

If so, Fundamentals is for you!

Northville Athletix Fundamentals is a month-long class designed for people who want to join a new gym in a in a safe, controlled environment with other beginners.


In this program, you'll learn the basics of weight lifting, gymnastics movements, and conditioning. You will learn our lingo, proper body-mechanics, how to scale or change workouts to best fit your fitness level/limitations, all while starting to get in shape and meeting our coaches and experiencing our awesome community.

Our members always talk about what great experiences they have at Northville Athletix. Contact us now or Let's Chat! (blue box). You can always choose to sign up now for our Fundamentals classes beginning Wednesday, October 5th!