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Achievements in the Gym Translate into Success in Life

About Us

"We believes that through fitness we can inspire and empower you to be better in all aspects of life. Success in the gym translates to success in other areas of life. If you push physical boundaries you’ll elicit a natural confidence that will inspire you to reach your human potential.

We place the tools within reach, the professional coaching and proven programming necessary to achieve new goals, as well as the supportive community and the fun environment necessary to guarantee results.

OTD Athletix will never stop moving forward, we will never rest on our laurels."

Our Philosophy 

"Everything we do is focused on challenging how people embrace life. We believe everyone wants to do and be better, that we all want to play games and have fun. We don’t rely on luck, we do what works, we dare to try new things, we push the boundaries of conventional thinking, we take chances and we believe that without the willingness to fail you will never accomplish anything great. We do this by designing programs and services that push boundaries and deliver life-altering results. CrossFit is fundamental to this end and provides much of the foundation necessary for us to reach our goals. When you join our community (our team) you agree to lead by example, overcome all odds, leave the world better than you found it and NEVER quit!"


Jason Swafford

Reach for your Potential

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